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Do you…

  • Value personal growth
  • Enjoy being a part of a supportive online community
  • Like learning new skills in the privacy of your own home
  • Want to access our methods, teaching and guidance

couples Counseling

Do you…

  • Have the same fight over and over
  • Feel like you ‘just can’t communicate”
  • Love each other but don’t feel “In love”
  • Feel like your not on the same page or same team?

We are here for you

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individual Counseling

Do you…

  • Have a hard time making decisions?
  • Wish you felt more confident or sure of yourself?
  • Feel stuck in a job, relationship or situation?
  • Wonder if you should stay or go in your relationship?


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Are you struggling or stuck and don’t know what to do?

We are here to help.

We’ve been helping couples in Denver get clear about what they want or need, feel empowered to make those changes and find deep inner contentment and joy in their lives. We’re the real deal, and we’ve been working as relationship experts in Denver since 2003.

Whether you need marriage counseling or couples counseling, individual counseling or both—you can find everything you need here with us. We work together to serve you.


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Hilary Silver, LCSW

Hilary Silver, LCSW

Founder, Therapist and Relationship Expert

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Ashleigh Rankin, LCSW

Ashleigh Rankin, LCSW

Individual & Couples Therapist

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Are you ready for real change?

Relationships are tough and love doesn’t come with a road map. We aren’t taught HOW to do relationships and most of us learn what we don’t want from our parents- whether that is a romantic relationship or those we have with friends, colleagues or family members.

It’s impossible to fix what we don’t understand isn’t working.

Most of our clients come to us after receiving relationship counseling or couples therapy elsewhere. They feel exhausted and defeated and just want relief!

we are different

With an education and coaching style, we dig right in with you from the very first session and start helping you see things differently so you can make change right away! You will feel the difference immediately.

you will learn

  • How to communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Why your fights about small things become big
  • The underlying reasons and triggers that keep you stuck
  • How to feel more connected and on the same team
  • How to rekindle lost desire and boost low sex drive
  • How to finally solve those stubborn and repeating issues
  • To feel more connected and close- and to have amazing intimacy
  • How to be more confident and secure in yourself & in all of your relationships

and you will gain

  • A stronger awareness of WHO you really
  • Confidence in speaking YOUR truth in the world in and in your relationships
  • An ability to make decisions with ease and confidence
  • Clarity about what you want and need in life and in love
  • Meaningful and deeper connections in ALL of your relationships

You CAN have the life and relationships you desire!
We can help you get there!

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Instead of feeling disheartened, confused, anxious or worried and insecure,  you can feel hope, empowerment, optimism and confidence.

At Hilary Silver International, we provide:

Individual Counseling
Relationship Counseling for Individuals
Couples Therapy
Marriage Therapy
Pre-Marital Counseling
Divorce Coaching or Counseling
Online Workshops

With evening and weekend hours and prices starting at $180/session, take advantage of our local office in Denver and start feeling better today!

Please see our FAQ but if you still have questions,
please call 303-321-3750 to find out how we can help you!


We do not accept insurance but are happy to provide all the necessary documentation for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. There are many reasons for this: Your insurance company can and has audited therapists and can request your files at any time. Coaching can be considered a business expense so inquire with your tax professional.
It is entirely possible to create positive change in a relationship with just one person getting help. One person can introduce new tools, skills and perspectives into a relationship that impact couple dynamics greatly.
That depends on your relationship. We believe it is most effective to work with each individual during the course of couples therapy/coaching. However, should it feel uncomfortable for anyone, referrals can be made to other professionals.
We know that by the time you reach out for help you are ready for direct feedback and guidance. It is our belief that if you knew what to do, you wouldn’t need our help so YES, we do offer our opinions and tell you what it is we see from an outside and professional perspective. However, we do not tell you what to do. We also believe that everyone knows themselves best and our job is to help you access your inner wisdom so you can make the best decisions for yourself.
Simply stated, yes! Please read our testimonials page to hear what some of our clients have said about us. We have helped restore joy, have saved relationships and supported clients in some of life’s most trying times. Our role can be that of mentor, advocate, confidant and neutral party in addition to therapist and coach.
That depends on your situation and your needs. Everyone is different so we will decide together on a plan that feels best for you. We prefer the first 3-4 sessions occur weekly to create necessary momentum and provide relief quickly but frequency can be determined together.
We have learned that our clients have better results when they are fully committed to the process. Our clients who purchase certain packages receive discounts, preferred scheduling and text and/or email support in between sessions. This is our preferred method of working together, but it is not required. We want everyone to be happy and comfortable!


Coaching is for people who:

  • want to improve their quality of life in the present and who have specific desired outcome for the future.
  • are ready to take action but are struggling to know the necessary steps to take.
  • desire guidance in creating solutions to current issues

**the coaching industry is not regulated and anyone can be a coach without any proper training or certification. Life experience is qualification so I say ‘buyer beware.”


Therapy and/or counseling is for stable and successful people who:

  • want to improve their quality of life in the present and who have a specific desired outcome for the future
  • want to understand themselves better and gain insight and awareness into who they are
  • desire to change unhealthy or unproductive behavior patterns
  • seek support and guidance in navigating intimate relationships
  • have family issues that need repair, healing or attention
  • seek understanding, empathy and a place to process feelings and
  • emotions related to grief and loss, anxiety or confusion, identity (who am I?) issues, fear and more

***therapists and counselors are required to have advanced degrees, certifications, trainings and to maintain continuing education credits for licensure

Therapists are licensed by the regulatory agency of their state, which prohibits them from practicing outside of that state. If you live in Colorado, working with us would be considered therapy or counseling. If you live outside of Colorado, your work (as stated in our contract) would be considered coaching or mentoring.

Our Model

We do not believe in separating therapy and coaching services. Our therapists are fully licensed in Colorado and operate under a strict code of ethics to protect clients’ well-being. But our style is very dynamic, collaborative and interactive.

Working with us you get the best of both worlds- a hybrid of the best coaching and therapy practices. Should something from your past hold you back, we are uniquely qualified to help in your healing and restorative process.

We only work with individuals and couples who are mentally and emotionally stable and do not require support outside of our regularly scheduled appointments. While we understand anyone can experience unexpected and devastating circumstances, we do not offer 24 hour psychiatric emergency support. Should something come up for which you need our support, we are here to help and encourage clients to reach out to us. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we are able.

There are three ways to work with us if you don’t live in Denver. Phone and Skype sessions for our out-of-state clients are considered coaching or mentoring (read the FAQ about the distinction), book a VIP Intensive or learn from our online workshops right in the comfort of your own home.


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