The 5 Step Strategy My Successful Female Clients Have Used To Find A Healthy Partnership With A Quality Man Who Loves, Values & Adores Them

(even when they dated the same wrong guy or had failed relationships in the past!)

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Hello You!

I know you…You are smart, successful and accomplished and you feel pretty good a lot of the time. You have a great career, great home, great friends and even great kids. You seem to have it all… except for the one big obvious missing piece… love.

On your good days, you know you are a great ‘catch;’ you are a woman of distinction, have your shit together and someone would be lucky to have you. But on your not so good days, which are becoming more and more frequent, you secretly wonder if something is really wrong with you that you are still alone.

You know you ‘should’ be happy and grateful for all that you do have in your life but it’s hard to appreciate it because going to bed alone every night sucks.

Dating the same wrong guy over and over, staying too long in a relationship you KNOW isn’t the one and feeling like you are doing something wrong but just can’t figure out what that is, has you feeling defeated and maybe even hopeless. And you are sick and tired of skipping out on your dream vacation, filling your time with work because that is where you feel successful or having intrusive thoughts and fears about being alone forever…


The 5 Step Strategy My Successful Female Clients Have Used To Find A Healthy Partnership With A Quality Man Who Loves, Values & Adores Them

(even when they dated the same wrong guy or had failed relationships in the past!)


In This MasterClass, You Will Get:

  • The 3 seriously devastating mistakes highly successful women make when dating that scares away the ‘good guys’ and instead attracts the same wrong guy over and over (this is the biggest reason you are stuck in this negative dating loop).
  • The #1 MUST DO if you ever want to stop the dating drama cycle and FINALLY Love and Be Loved by a true gentleman (yes, your dream and desires are TOTALLY available to you by doing this ONE thing).
  • The surprisingly simple and counterintuitive strategy my clients are using to get the high-quality guys to pursue them and treat them like a prize, so they get to be the one to choose (yes, this CAN happen for you too, not just the “other” lucky women).
  • The secret weapon for being absolutely irresistible, sexy and undeniable (this will have you walking into a room and turning heads while still being completely authentic and true to yourself).
  • And, how to be the highly successful woman in your professional life AND a woman capable of having an epic loving relationship (even if you are tired of dating or your past relationships have been a disaster).

Hi, I’m Hilary Silver! I’m a TRUE relationship and intimacy expert, love coach and one of the most sought after mentors for single successful women looking for lasting love. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been helping clients attract their ideal mate, launch healthy relationships right from the start and keep their love and passion alive for the long term. I’m not a matchmaker or a fairy godmother… I will mentor and guide you into becoming the best, most powerful and authentic woman you’ve always known you could be and help you create the EXACT life and love you’ve always wanted!

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Sarah’s Success Story

quoteI’ve learned what it means to speak my truth, have an awareness of my core beliefs, and have the confidence to have the damn party already, instead of worrying about who will come, is my house big enough, what food to serve, and so on! I am learning to be my own best friend, advocate and confidant so that I can communicate effectively, confidently, and making my feelings known so that I won’t be misunderstood, disappointed, feel guilty, or have regrets.
  ~ Emily Garcia

Hilary showed me how to heal my heart, stop acting out on behavior that didn’t serve me and how to listen to my intuition. Through this work on myself, it effected how I was showing up in my marriage and I was able to make the shifts and adjustments to have not just a really exciting life but a super hot marriage. Hilary helped me unpack and really address emotional eating, resentments, self sabotage and self love. I adore this woman and her work. Invest in yourself and work with Hilary to get clear on what is stopping you from achieving your desires, I’m so glad I did.

  ~ Stephanie Bryant

Hilary is passionate and brilliant at what she does, and also extremely relatable. She walks you through the steps and breaks down what it takes to be in a healthy relationship – to show up and feel heard. I am beyond grateful to have found Hilary and all she has to offer. She taught me to look at my relationship in a new way, in that it takes work to make it strong and healthy. Hilary digs deep and delivers all you need to know to have a thriving relationship.

  ~ Kelly Liuzza


Working with Hilary has been like a breath of fresh air! Not only do I feel fully understood, she has given the tools to help me finally recognize my own patterns and triggers in the moment (which is HUGE). This new awareness has allowed me to connect with my truth and feel braver in sharing it with my partner while being open to his experience. For the first time ever, I feel freed from the unconscious cycle of miscommunication and unrealistic expectations I’d helped create in my relationship
  ~ Amjanette Fennel

If you are looking for a therapist and a program to deliver more than what it promises, you will find it with Hilary. I sure did. She is one of the best couples therapist I have ever met, and I know TONS of therapists. She is different, I admire her total commitment to couples. She details how to keep the passion alive after the honeymoon is over. Hilary delivers skills, tools and concepts that seem so obvious but most couples struggle to attain them. She hands them right to you.  If you have a good relationship, Hilary will show you how to make it amazing. Hilary Silver’s program  is a total game changer.
  ~ C. H.

quoteIn January, I married the wonderful husband cooking dinner beside me. Your help in getting me here was instrumental. Through you, I learned to trust myself, be authentic and bring the whole me to the table.
  ~ Lindsey

I am doing great and I have a new man in my life who I can call my fiancé. Yes, we are engaged! He’s awesome and well worth the wait. I pinch myself everyday- thanks to your words of wisdom. I’m super happy and love my life.
  ~ Paula

quoteHilary’s approach is that of a highly-trained and educated professional, disguised as the friend you want. She brings the science of psychology to the table, but delivers it in accessible and supportive ways. She will challenge your ideas and misconceptions, and flag you when a choice or behavior seems unproductive… yet won’t chastise you for it, and offers support in all scenarios.
  ~ Katie

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The 5 Step Strategy My Successful Female Clients Have Used To Find A Healthy Partnership With A Quality Man Who Loves, Values & Adores Them

(even when they dated the same wrong guy or had failed relationships in the past!)

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