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I Know How You Feel

Hi, I’m Hilary Silver…

I’m Relationship & Intimacy Expert, Love Coach and Renowned Mentor to single successful women just like you, who want a healthy happy loving relationship.

I know how it feels to want love so desperately but it just continues to remain elusive. You watch everyone finding love, settling down or starting families but the longer it takes you to find “the one” the more you begin to believe something is really wrong with you.

Before I met my husband, I struggled to feel worthy and believed something was wrong with me and that everyone else could have love, but not me. This kept me stuck in a negative loop of hiding the real me so they wouldn’t reject me… then it would happen all over again. I was overlooked by the men I was interested in and settled for men I knew weren’t right for me.

Finally, I invested in a mentor and did the work to overcome my obstacles and within weeks, I met the man that I’ve now been with for nearly 20 years and have created the exact life I always wanted!

This is the same process and method that I’ve now been teaching for 2 decades and have helped thousands of clients find love, launch healthy relationships and keep their love alive through babies, business and busy-ness!

Now it’s your turn…

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  • Childhood

    Not a happy time for me. Felt lonely, sad and disconnected all the time. Decide I am on my own so I have to figure things out by myself. Think something is wrong me with me and I’m not lovable. Have friends and boyfriends but nothing meaningful or genuine. Feel a deep sense of unworthiness and keep all those feelings and thoughts to myself.

  • College

    After nearly failing out of college my freshman year, feeling lost, confused and depressed I transfer to the University of Kansas to finish my degree. Happier but still struggle to feel worthy of and maintain romantic relationships. Realize something isn’t right inside, start reading self-help books, take a groundbreaking class on relationships – become a group facilitator and run my first relationship group. My career has started though I don’t yet realize it at the time.

  • Early 20s

    Anthropology degree in hand and a new found understanding of self-love and relationships with others (thanks to that class), I bought a one-way ticket to Italy and return 7 months later from Indonesia. 10 countries visited in all. Learned I MUST be who I really am and share who I am with people to have connection. I also realize I can do anything I want to do! Eager for more adventure, I teach English in Japan for a year and travel in southeast Asia.

Hilary…I have to tell you something. I met an amazing man! Someone I never, ever thought I would meet. We are in love. I haven’t felt this way for decades. He is absolutely amazing. He is taking me to Hawaii in 3 weeks to meet his son. Thank you, thank you thank you. I never thought I deserved this, now I do. He just showed up!!!



There are not enough words to describe how much Hilary Silver program has helped me.

My self-confidence, self-respect and happiness are at their peak. People who have known me my whole life are saying “ Happy Looks Good On You!” I can’t argue with that, but I also believe happiness looks good on everyone. Just be willing to do the work and dig deep within. This will allow you to recognize your flaws, repair the hurt and the scabbed over wounds. I have no doubt I am a better person because of Hilary.



I have attached a photo of me standing on the beach in Naples, Florida that was taken a few weeks ago. I am moving to Florida next weekend to find a job and to pursue my lifelong dream of living there!

With the help of your program I have had the courage and confidence to step out of my comfort zone. I have been making changes to create the life that I always wished for but never was bold enough to try. Thank you so much for your program and for your encouragement!

I have not found love yet but I am confident that I will! I know what I am looking for and I just have not found him yet.



I feel like I’ve actually found a ‘keeper’! We met on Match in early November (I can’t say I was really enjoying the online thing at all ). We had our first date on 11/20. My guy-dar was up; looking for any red flags. I was focused on presenting my authentic self (take me as I am or not) and ensuring he was meeting my must-haves as we dated, initially only saw each other once a week then increased it a bit more around Christmas.   Well it’s been almost 4 months since that first date and things are so incredible. He communicates really well, he’s very thoughtful, chemistry is great, we have so much fun together.  We took a trip to Austin and got snowed in in NJ on the way back. We’ve gone hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, fat biking as well as just hanging out. We are reading a book together. Going to a concert this weekend. We don’t have to be together to feel connected. He also has 3 teenage kids. He’s kind to his ex-wife. Feeling fortunate. And I really do attribute my success to your program. I learned a lot about myself, how to change my ways and how not to settle. I definitely kissed a few frogs on the journey but I recognized the red flags sooo much sooner, saw the men so much more clearly.


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