I invite you to start looking at yourself in a whole new way. A self-centered way.

Yes, it flies in the face of the false virtue of selflessness we’ve all been sold, but I want you to be brave enough to ask yourself a few crucial questions…

How have you contributed to what’s going on in your life right now — both good and bad?

What are you willing to do about that contribution now that you’ve taken ownership of it?

The thing that is so amazing and empowering about these two questions is simple: they are ones that only you can ask and only you can answer.

And when you start asking and answering them in the context of being truly centered in yourself, well, that changes everything.

Join the conversation.

About Hilary

After 15 years as a successful clinical psychotherapist, Hilary Silver closed her thriving practice to launch an online program designed to help smart, single women become just as successful in their love lives as they were in their professional ones. 

She grew her company into an empire, generating over $13 million in revenue in 5 years, helping thousands of women work through her program with an over 95% success rate.

Hilary’s passion and deep understanding of the root causes of the struggles of her clients helped her develop her signature methodology, rooted in radical responsibility and being centered in self.

She now works to educate and inspire everyone to radically change the way they look at themselves (and get everything they want).

She lives with her with husband, two teenagers, and her dog Lola in Denver, CO.