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America’s Relationship Expert & Top Love Coach!

Here you will find articles, videos & podcast episodes about all things relationship!
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As America’s relationship expert and top love coach, here you will find articles and videos about all things love, sex, dating, marriage and relationships! I’ve spent the last nearly 2 decades of my career focused on helping men, women and couples have HOT, HEALTHY and HAPPY love relationships that last a lifetime. Whether that is a long term partnership or marriage… you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s my mission to provide that information, support, guidance and mentorship.

I’m sharing information about how to end the dating drama cycle so you can FINALLY have a lasting love relationship, attracting your most perfect partner, how to launch a healthy relationship right from the start and then how to keep that love and passion alive for the long term.

Having everything but LOVE isn’t an option! But neither is living in a relationship that feels unhappy or not satisfying.  You CAN have a wildly successful career, a great social life AND an amazing passionate partnership with a quality man who will love you, commit to you and want to make you happy.

No one tells the TRUTH about REAL RELATIONSHIPS like I do. Watch my latest FREE online training Get The Love You Want; 5 Simple Shifts To Attract An Amazing Man Who Will Love You, Commit To You & Want To Make You Happy!


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How To Find Love NOW With Your Perfect Mate In this Facebook LIVE, I share the big bold move my husband made nearly 18 [...]

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