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We offer a variety of counseling & coaching services for our clientele no matter where you live!

dating coaching and
singles counseling

  • Do you long for connection but feel doubtful it can happen for you?
  • Do you feel insecure or anxious about how you will be perceived?
  • Maybe you struggle to be your authentic self because you fear appearing too eager or clingy?
  • Want to stop unhealthy patterns with potential partners?

Individual counseling & COaching

  • Are you feeling stuck and ready for a fresh and objective perspective?
  • Are you ready to make real and lasting change so you can have the life and relationships you desire?
  • You can have a healthy thriving relationship, a job you adore and a life you love – it starts with you (and us)!
  • Can’t decide whether you should stay or go in your relationship?

Couples counseling & Coaching

We help couples dealing with betrayal, lost desire, destructive communication and challenging life situations—from couples hanging on by a thread or just looking to strengthen their bond.

Our signature system & approach covers all the major areas of relationship from trust to fighting to sex and teaches concepts and mindset shifts as well as practical tools and techniques for creating the change you need to restore harmony, love and passion.

*we also help you decide if you want to stay together or move on

Pre-marital counseling & Coaching

We help couples approaching engagement or preparing for the big day!

Deepen your knowledge of one another and your relationship.

Have the critical conversations before you say ‘I DO.’

Doing the work before you get married is the best wedding gift you can give yourselves.


Want Immediate Results?
Cut Out Months or Years Of Frustration, Pain & Confusion

Spend 6 Quality Hours With Hilary (can be split in 2 days)
Custom designed to meet your needs and be completely life-changing

Includes Email Support for 30 days and a follow- up 45 minute session
In person or via Skype

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“My time with Hilary has allowed me to become a more complete and authentic person.
She has opened my eyes to who I am and celebrated the person I am
and the person I continue to strive to be.”

– B.Y.

We are here for you!

phone/online counseling & COaching


If you are not sure which option is right for you, please call 303-321-3750 so we can assist you.

Our therapists are licensed in the state of Colorado and provide a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities to best serve our clients. We also offer life, relationship & marriage coaching

While we have our own methodology, we keep current of all the best, most current and effective, research- based strategies for helping clients achieve desired results.

  • Pragmatic / Experiential Therapy for Couples
  • Sex Therapy Techniques
  • Strengths-Based Models
  • Imago-based practices
  • Gottman-informed interventions
  • Cognitive behavioral therapies
  • EMDR
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Meditation
  • Attachment focused therapies
  • Gestalt work
  • Internal Family Systems techniques

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“Hilary’s approach is that of a highly-trained and educated professional, disguised as the friend you want. She brings the science of psychology to the table, but delivers it in accessible and supportive ways that don’t leave you feeling clinical or like a test specimen. She will challenge your ideas and misconceptions, and flag you when a choice or behavior seems unproductive… yet won’t chastise you for it, and offers support in all scenarios.”