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Couples Coaching & Consulting


Couples come to us saying:

  • We love each other but we don’t feel “in-love”
  • We keep having the same destructive fights over and over
  • My partner has been having an affair – now what?
  • We want to make it work but we can’t communicate
  • Is this as good as it gets?

Communication & Conflict

Couples fall into unhealthy communication patterns that end up leaving them in a perpetual state of conflict- whether it is name-calling, defensiveness and raised voices… or silent treatment, eggshell walking and avoiding.

We help you identify your destructive patterns, understand the underlying issues that cause so much hurt and teach you new skills to communicate more effectively (that includes listening too)!

Sex & Intimacy

“A great connection in the bedroom starts with a great connection outside the bedroom!” Hilary Silver,

Couples come to us with issues like low sexual desire, arguments about (in)frequency, one partner initiating more than the other, boredom and an overall lack of passion.

We help couples understand how what goes on in their relationship outside of the bedroom is affecting their sex life– the amount and quality of sex they have and the desire to have sex.

Infidelity & Trust

Couples come to us when one person has had an affair or when one partner suspects an affair and they are in complete crisis mode. Most people feel like they need to make a decision about the future of their relationship right away– but we advise slowing down and doing the work first.
There are many pieces involved in this work but restoring trust and healing from the trauma of betrayal is essential. We guide the process so you can find your way back to each other–or support you in ending the relationship.

You Want Relief & Results FAST… and that is what we provide!

We don’t believe you should languish in the counseling or coaching process for weeks, months or years. Our coaching packages are designed to provide SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR TOUGHEST RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS FAST!

If you are tired of a mediocre relationship that has you wondering “is this as good as it gets,” or you just want to get along better or have more closeness connection and intimacy… then our private couples coaching experience is for you!

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How it works!


We are here to provide real results for your life & relationship struggles. Both options will help you reach your goal, but how you get there is your choice!

Choose From Our 3 Month Package Or Our VIP Intensive (1 day experience)

3 Month Package…The SLOW & STEADY Approach Includes:
Pre-Work Questionnaire
Face To Face Time With Us
Email Support In Between Sessions
Life Changing Assignments & Worksheets

VIP INTENSIVE … For Rapid Results Includes:
Pre-Work Questionnaire
5 Hours Of Face To Face Time With Us
Life Changing Assignments & Worksheets
30 Days Of Email Support After Our Day Together
Additional hour of face to face time to assess where you are, celebrate your progress, and revisit areas that need extra attention
Lifetime Access to the Online Course Hot, Healthy & Happily Ever After

After the VIP Experience, most people are revitalized, taking serious action in their life — and are already planning their next VIP Day, or follow up with monthly personal coaching sessions or join the INSIDERS Community for ongoing support.

*All Coaching & Consulting can be done in person or via Skype.

We are not the best fit for everyone. Please fill out the application by clicking the button below and we will get back with you shortly!

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