Extraordinary women ready to (finally) have it all.

Learn how to create the life of your dreams from the inside out with my step-by-step plan.

I See You…

 You’ve worked really hard to get to where you are.

 You’ve invested in all the alphabet schools, built a team, launched the biz, studied the tactics, taken the courses (and done the homework), but it feels like you just can’t get any traction.

 You’re religious about your 90-day planning sessions and exhausted by your never-ending to-do list.

 You’re successful, but you’re not fulfilled.

 You’re frustrated because no matter how hard you push it, you can’t seem to actually get all the things you really want.

What if I told you that you don’t need:

 A better job or bigger paycheck

 More clients

 A prettier Instagram grid

 An online business manager

 A bigger network

 A fancy website

 Expensive strategies or marketing tactics

What if I told you that none of that hustling, chasing, and super-planning is going to get you what you want?

Did you know that 90% of your success has nothing to do with your tactics, strategies, to-do lists, or who you know?

Like grabbing at a wet bar of soap, “the thing” keeps slipping beyond your grasp.

Stop trying to do more. Just stop.

The only reason you’re not getting “there,” is because you are focused on the wrong things.

The secret to having what you crave in life is not about DOING more.

It’s about BEING more.

To live your best life, you have to become your best self.
In order to have what you’ve never had, you must be who you’ve never been.

No more shrinking,
hiding, or settling for
status quo.

I totally get it. I was just like you at one time.

I was single and hadn’t yet met the man of my dreams.

I was in a profession that capped my income.

I kept pushing, tweaking, striving, and exhausting myself. The truth was I had to change deeply rooted beliefs that were keeping me from breaking through.

As I grew my identity into the woman I needed to be to have the success I craved, it all came to me effortlessly.

I was able to use this exact method to attract and then marry my love (it’s been 20 years now), travel to some of the world’s most remote and exotic places, create one of Denver’s most successful therapy practices, and then leave that practice behind to create a multi-million dollar mentoring company where I help women get everything they want by becoming the absolute best version of themselves.

Grow Yourself. Grow Your Business.

Using neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and a dash of the WOO, you will master your (millionaire) mindset, create unshakable confidence, and break free of the feeling that if you could only learn one more success tactic, you could (finally) Make It Happen.

"Hi everyone hope 2020 is off to a good start for you. I just finished 3rd week of journaling and I FEEL fantastic! I've made time each morning to take the time to focurs my mind and energy. I am working on a major change in my life and the journal is helping me to get the universe working for me to accomplish this goal. I have also gotten a lot of compliments on how great I look!! Never gets old. Have an amazing day everyone!"


Other manifestation and goal-setting programs for women don’t work because they only deal with the future. When you feel to address the past and the mindset it fostered, you are trapped by that mindset regardless of how many new strategies you learn and (attempt to) implement.

In Extraordinary Women Rising, I’ve taken the best of neuroscience, psychology, and spiritual tools and brought them together in a self-study system to help you level up your life.

We will work together to unearth all of the sneaky little blocks and patterns hiding in the shadows of your past that are keeping you stuck.

I will help you get down to the root of what is preventing you from having everything you truly want while retraining your brain to create my signature millionaire mindset.

When you have expert guidance on how to make change real, you can and will make it happen.

What does it mean to ‘level up your life?’

What does YOUR next level look like and what will it take to get there? If you’re thinking, “I want to make 5 figures this month” or “I want to land that new client” you’re not really thinking NEXT LEVEL. You’re thinking about goals.

Goals don’t have the power to create a Next Level YOU, because wanting something isn’t enough to propel you out of your own limiting mindset. Chasing goals without first doing the inner work is just chasing your own tail.

When you’re truly ready to LEVEL UP, you realize you need transformative tools that work from the inside out to help you discover what’s TRULY keeping you where you are.

Transcend the ordinary.


When you commit to The Daily Practice,
magical things start to happen like…


Manifesting more money


Calling in a soulmate


Upleveling your career


Creating unshakable confidence


Deepening friendships


Increasing capacity for more


Ditching anxiety


Trusting yourself




Facing fear that keeps you down


Ending sabotage


Becoming re-inspired about your life

You’ll get a “Highly-Trained Therapist turned Master Mentor” to guide you on your life-changing transformation.

"Big win ladies, I got the job!! No more furlough, no more traveling, and a fabulous opportunity all the way around. Have been journaling about it and it all came together! Excited my new journey begins June 1st."


A bit about me

I’m a highly trained therapist turned master coach.

CEO of a multiple 7-figure women’s empowerment company.

Wife + Mama.


I look 30 but I’m pushing 50.

Fierce advocate for my clients (I’ve had thousands of them in the last 20 years).

I will always tell you the truth (because I love you).

Just try and stop me. No really, I dare you.

A bit about me

I’m a clinical psychotherapist turned master coach, mentor and CEO, what I KNOW FOR SURE… is the secret to having ANYTHING + EVERYTHING you want is having the right psychology, an unstoppable mindset + effective habits. It’s your IDENTITY!

My passion and genius is to lead you to the source of your POWER by reprogramming your beliefs and patterns and helping you step into your next level self!

To grow your identity, so you can confidently grab the wheel and intentionally create the exact life you want… with extraordinary love, health, wealth + massive success and abundance.

Extraordinary Women Rising

Give me 10 minutes a day, for 90 days, and I can help you release limiting beliefs, unlock your potential, and become a super manifestor.

Using our exclusive 7-step method, you’ll get powerful lessons designed to help you discover where you’re at, what you really want, and what’s getting in the way of having it… and most importantly, how to FIX IT.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Lesson 1

Getting Radically Clear

Taking off your blinders, seeing yourself + life with 20/20 vision, illuminate your blind spots, and discover the exact places where you’re getting stuck. Set your intention and vision for your best life.

Lesson 2

The Daily Practice

Learn the secret daily practice I have taught all of my clients to reprogram, retrain your brain and create an unshakable belief system with extraordinary confidence. Plus, you’ll get access to 8 guided visualizations (audios) to make manifesting what you want your new superpower.

Lesson 3

Mindset Overhaul

Learn how to transform your internal “mean girl” to your BFF, create meta-awareness, identify repeat thoughts + behavior patterns, and demystify negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Plus, learn a 30-second centering technique to interrupt the sabotage.

Lesson 4

Installing New Beliefs

We are digging deep into your core beliefs, your deeper subconscious (where all of the BS lives), and installing a new set of beliefs that support the life you want. Cut the cord to your past so we can create your best future.

Lesson 5

Releasing Emotional Blocks

Here’s where we do the juicy inner child and shadow work. You’ll learn how to end the shame spiral, get out of anxiety mode, release perfectionism and fear of rejection. Dump your baggage, discover the “connection zone,” and step into your identity.

Lesson 6

Becoming a Visionary

Your energy is a magnet for attraction. Master your energetic state, recognize low energy (and how to get out of it), and go from victim to visionary. Create endless flow, creativity and love, someone that recognizes opportunities and allows you to attract and manifest precisely what you want.

Limited Time Bonus!

Enroll now to the Extraordinary Women Rising manifesting program and get a copy of my exclusive Daily Inspiration ebook for FREE.

This gorgeous ebook will provide you with daily inspiration as you go through your transformation – which you can also share as posts on your social media!

Ready to invest in yourself and manifest your best life?

We are passionate about supporting your rebirth, so your membership comes with a Private EWR Support Community with other women who are here to walk the path with you.

You’re never alone when you share your journey with other EXTRAORDINARY women working on accomplishing their wildest dreams.

What Women Are Saying…

"Your journal is changing my life!!"

"I never thought I was a 'journal-er' and actually avoided it, but the work in EWR has opened me up to journaling. THIS method of guided journaling is now something I crave, just like going to the gym. So looking forward to continued development."

"Had my first extraordinary journaling and visualization experience this morning. Woah! So profound! Event with the somewhat erratic images I had, it brought to the forefront of my brain a general image of what I've wanted my future to look like (but was never actually able to bring into focus). Thanks so much Hilary!!"

"I love this! Your program, journaling and mind set work has been a GAMECHANGER for me!"

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3 Awesome Reasons To Join Today…

Get 40% Off
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The Extraordinary Women Rising manifesting program is valued at $4997, but when you join today, you’re going to get a massive discount at only $1997 – that’s 40% off!

Free Upgrades
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We are currently in-studio designing additional visualization and meditation audios to support you in further solidifying your transformation. When they get uploaded, you get instant access at no additional cost!

Thousands of
Happy Clients

I am the go-to mentor for women who want to transform their lives with ease and get everything they want. She has worked with some of the smartest, brightest, most successful women on the planet who are committed to owning their results. Thousands of women have gone through her programs and have achieved magical things using her life-changing systems.

Stop vision-boarding, positive self-talking and waiting/dreaming/hoping/wishing…

How is this different from other Law of Attraction or goal-achieving systems?

Great question! First of all, this isn’t a goal-achieving system. This is a DESIRE-ACHIEVING program designed to help you find your blind spots, unblock the flow and manifest what you want. It combines behavioral psychology, neuroscience and spiritual principles for manifesting in a way that hasn’t ever been done before.

Is the journal in electronic, downloadable form also?

No. And here’s why – there’s something magical that happens when you put pen to paper in your brain. I have spared no expense in creating a luxurious journaling experience and is committed to creating the unconscious belief that you deserve the best in life. Women across the world are RAVING about this journal.

How soon can I get access to the program after joining?

Instantly! As soon as you become a member, you will have instant access to the self-study course with over 5 hours of training. Your gorgeous soft, leather bound journal will arrive about a week later, with a sewn-in bookmark and beautiful, white hard case for storage.

What can I expect after the 90-days?

In less than 10 minutes a day, you can shift the focus of your thoughts, choose how you want to feel by mastering your mindset and gaining control of your emotional state, achieve complete clarity and experience true personal empowerment and freedom.

Prepare to see real, measurable results with your use of this journal. I’ve made it simple: follow the steps, do the work daily, and see EXTRAORDINARY things happen in your life in just 90 days.

Are there any additional perks?

YES!!! First off, you’ll also get access to all of the upgrades or extra bonuses that I decide to add at no added cost. You’ll be part of a community of women like you who are going to cheer you along and maybe even become some of your best friends.

Can I buy extra journals?

YES! Once you’re a member, you can purchase additional journals at deeply discounted member pricing.

"So thankful for this journal! It is beautiful, has helped me, and pushed me to dive deeper. Thank you Hilary for creating and giving me the tools to the best version of me more and more everyday!!"


What are you waiting for?

Making manifesting your superpower.