From Stuck in Separated Limbo for Years, Scared to Start Dating to LOVE in 5 Months!


Laure came to us separated and leaving her marriage of 28 years. She was stuck and not sure if it was possible to make all of the changes she needed to get unstuck! She wanted to move on and start dating, but felt she couldn’t do that until she was officially divorced which she was scared of finalizing causing her to be stuck in limbo. 

Laure was trying to heal from a broken heart from her failed marriage and felt rusty and clueless when it came to dating since it had been so long! 

She was already working with a counselor, but Hilary’s Get The Love You Want Program is so relationship based it felt totally different.

Laure was able to look back on her young life and learn from how she functioned in relationships. She forgave herself and had the opportunity to dig deep to discover who she wanted to be who and what type of man she wanted to attract.

Laure admits it was hard to take a look at herself and identify harmful patterns, but soon felt empowered by what she was learning and took control! 

After receiving support from the Get The Love You Want team with serving her husband divorce papers, she was ready to date! And with the help of our Online Dating Expert to create her profile she went on 19 first dates in 3 months!! 

Laure realized she is the full package and deserves the best allowing her to weed out the ones who did not meet all of the qualities she wanted.

With her confidence through the roof and no more self doubt, her 19th date turned into her special someone! 

Listen to Laure’s story and learn how if you hope and do the work you can Get The Love You Want too! 


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