How Bethany Dropped the Tough Girl Act and Opened Herself Up to Love



How Bethany Dropped the Tough Girl Act and Opened Herself Up to Love

Bethany moved out of state to get away from a toxic ex and jumped right into the dating scene! She was going on 3 dates a week in an attempt to find a partner to make her new city a home with. 

The second Bethany made a connection with someone she started looking too far in the future too fast and was scaring guys off left and right! She wanted so badly to be seen and thought she was being vulnerable putting herself out there, but really she had a big wall up and was closed off emotionally. This wall came off as the sarcastic, tough girl who wasn’t phased by anything and played games.

Bethany was so desperate to share her life with someone, but terrified of getting hurt again. She made herself available to the wrong guys by seeking out bad boys because if it didn’t go anywhere no big deal and viewing the good guys with potential as untouchable because she was scared.

This behavior is what Hilary calls Protection Prevents Connection!

Bethany took a look inward and realized she was unhappy with herself and SHE was the one contributing to these disappointing results. She wanted to be with someone who sees her as she WANTS to be seen and along came Tim! 

Through the Get The Love You Want program, Bethany made major shifts and learned to stop living in fear, let her guard down and open up to let the good guy in. She realized she was enough and deserves the joy she has now! If Tim had come along a year earlier she would not have been ready.

Because of this she feels safe and secure in her relationship and for the very first time in her life feels that someone loves her as much as she loves them!



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