How This Dental Hygienist Went From Heartbroken to Engaged!


Janelle came to us heartbroken and lost. She was recently divorced from her unfaithful husband and at the lowest point of her life. Janelle was emotionally drained, didn’t know who she was and though surrounded by great family and friends felt completely alone. 

Trying to find love to fill this void she was continually unsuccessful and realized she needed to make a change, but wasn’t sure what that change was. 

Janelle struggled with being a people pleaser, constantly changing to fit what she thought others wanted and sacrificing her own wants and needs in the process. She was a shape shifter and feared the thought of people not liking her. This pattern continued into her marriage where she tried to be the wife she thought her husband wanted and lost sight of herself. 

During her time in Get The Love You Want…

She learned to stop playing the victim, step out of her comfort zone and let those walls she built come down! 

She learned just how important self-care is and to show up for herself so she can then show up for others! 

She learned to give the gift of forgiveness for herself so she could move forward! 

She learned how to take control and sit in pilot’s seat and not passenger seat! 

She even found love! Love for herself and with a partner. Because she finally knows and LOVES who she is! And knows not everyone else will like her and that is is okay! 

Janelle found the support she needed to make these changes when a friend referred her to Hilary Silver’s Get The Love You Want Program and the rest is history – we’ll let Janelle fill you in on just how much this program and support redirected her life path and brought her true happiness, love and a fiancé!


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