“I like him a lot EXCEPT…” Knowing when you are too picky



Hey everyone, I’m Hilary silver. A relationship and intimacy expert. I’m a coach and mentor to seriously successful, accomplished, high achieving, professional women who have everything that they could ever really want in their lives, except love – someone to share their life with and someone to go home to at the end of the day.

And so today’s post is going to be talking about that really common struggle for women who say things like, I really like him except, and they’re struggling with this fine line between having high standards for themselves and never wanting to settle again. Yet, wondering if maybe they’re being too picky. Because there’s always something wrong with somebody and they’re being difficult. Making it hard for her to find someone, because she’s being highly critical and doesn’t want to settle. And so I know that’s a really tough kind of question for a lot of women.

So what we’re going to do is to talk about all of the things that women are running into, the problems with that, and then I’ll give you an answer in just a sec. So, here’s some of the things that are coming up in my Facebook group, on our breakthrough calls that we do for our clients.
And they’ll say things like “I really like him except he has a belly”, or “he’s a little overweight”, or “I really like candy”.

You know, so you’re trying to fix him or change him or help him, so that he can be the guy that you want him to be. Hello. That is really shitty, it’s shitty for you! And it’s shitty for him, because the message is, “you’re not quite good enough for me, but if you fix these things, then you’ll be enough for me”. And that just feels really bad for both of you.

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