The Mindset Journaling Program


Write. Create. Realize. Manifest.

This is not your typical organizational planner; this is a vehicle to retrain your brain, change your thinking, uplevel your energy and attitude, and master your mindset so you can truly rise.


Become who you need to be …

… to actually see your dreams come true … and be able to enjoy them once you have achieved them.

90 Days of Extraordinary Guidance

The Practice

Never wonder about what to write. Never worry about the next best step. Be guided and confident with guided visualizations, exercises, and weekly audio downloads to CREATE what you WRITE.  Go from scarcity to abundance in all areas of your life … become an extraordinary woman rising.

It’s not magic … but the results are magical

The Outcomes

Did you know daily personal writing can help people better cope with stressful events, relieve anxiety, and boost immune cell activity?

In less than 10 minutes a day,  you can shift the focus of your thoughts, choose how you want to feel by mastering your mindset and gaining control of your emotional state, achieve complete clarity and experience true personal empowerment and freedom.

Prepare to see real, measurable results with your use of this journal.  I’ve made it simple: follow the steps, do the work daily, and see EXTRAORDINARY things happen in your life in just 90 days.

Meet Hilary Silver

Your Guide

Meet Hilary

Hilary Silver is the founder of Get the Love You Want and is one of the most successful, acclaimed and sought after life and relationship coaches for women in the world. She has appeared on Steve Harvey, Fox News and numerous other media outlets – and has been helping clients all around the world for 20 years, to become their best selves and to create the life and relationships they desire.

Hilary is passionate about creating a life and a love that fulfills you every day – one that is truly extraordinary – and that is why she created this journal.  She has used it in her own life to great success and has seen just how valuable its principles and practices have been in the lives of her clients.

Beautiful Details

The Features

Gorgeous inside and out (just like you) with a soft leather bound cover, this is a 90 day undated journal – begin the journey when and how you desire.  Each journal contains:

An elegantly simple layout – unlike other journals with endless prompts and grids, the Extraordinary Women Rising journal contains just enough structure to keep you from overwhelm, while giving you enough guidance to become your most powerful tool of personal transformation.

Daily prompts, weekly reflections and Hilary’s own inspirational quotes to keep you focused, productive and committed.

Links to guided visualization exercises – login and listen to Hilary guide you into truly feeling what it’s like to live with your goals as though they were already achieved! Visualization is one of the most effective and powerful tools to becoming who you want to be: it is the key factor in determining how successful you become at realizing your dreams.

A beautiful, sewn-in bookmark – designed to keep you focused and efficient, each journal comes with a bookmark that not only helps you find your spot each day, but provides an overall snapshot of your progress. Never flip through pages looking for your place again.

A free online support community of other women to share in and celebrate with your experiences and growth. You’re never alone when you share your journey with other EXTRAORDINARY women working on accomplishing their wildest dreams.

A keepsake hard-cover box to treasure.

FREE SHIPPING on your gorgeous journal (US only)