How This Divorced Doctor Stopped People Pleasing!


Maggie came to us stuck in the struggle of repeating life long patterns. She is a successful doctor and business owner and on the outside met all measures of success, but found herself divorced twice, jaded and single. 

She could not figure out how as an intelligent women who could conquer any challenge she kept choosing the wrong men. 

Even after 20 years of therapy and attending multiple Tony Robbins conferences, Maggie still found herself frustrated asking “Why can’t I attract the right man for me?” She realized this work was a passive process with no actionable items.

Maggie felt the shift in the Get The Love You Want Program because it wasn’t just a 4 day conference or once a week check-in, but an 8-week structured, educational training that held her accountable not only by Hilary, but the by other program participants. 

Maggie had the time AND accountability to form new habits that changed her life! 

Maggie gave herself permission to invest in herself and her love life which ultimately made the most impact.

Maggie was able to identify and correct her people pleasing behavior. She was taught from a young age that her parents loved her because they were family and in order to truly be loved she had to change. Maggie was the passenger – continuing to date men who chose her for trying to make them happy not for them knowing the real her. 

Maggie went through a complete transformation from having volatile, unsatisfying relationships guided by fear to showing up not only in her romantic relationships, but as a parent and professional.

Learn how Maggie went from asking “What can I do to be the right girl for you?” to “Are you the right guy for me?” And how the Get The Love You Want program can help you do the same! 


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