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Relationship CounselingHilary

Hilary is a Relationship & Intimacy Expert and Master Coach. She is the founder of Hilary Silver Coaching & Consulting, and the creator of lifestyle brand Hot, Healthy Happy, which teaches LOVERS how to have more intimacy, connection and satisfaction in their relationships so they can keep their love and passion alive for the long term.

With 15 years of experience as a licensed couples therapist, she has worked with thousands of clients on issues such as launching healthy relationships, communication and conflict, infidelity, intimacy, sex and lasting passion.

Hilary tells is like it is on topics that are difficult to talk about and has a no-nonsense style allows her to deliver common sense strategies and practical tools while being refreshingly authentic, firmly supportive, funny and wise.

She has been featured on Steve Harve, and in Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Martha Stewart Weddings, Cosmopolitan and Womanista to name a few.

“I’m not your traditional therapist. I dig in, tell you what I really think and won’t make you wait until you figure things out on your own; you want my help and I am going to give it to you!

I hold a master’s degree in social work and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have extensive training in many of the most innovative and cutting edge therapy and coaching strategies including EMDR; marital, couples and relationship therapies, sex therapy; NLP (neuro-linguistic programming); CBT and mindfulness-based practices and have studied with some of the masters in my field.

Above all of that, I use my personal journey from isolation and pain to joy and fulfillment as inspiration to help others find meaning and purpose in their lives. I’ve been with my husband for 17 years (married for 11) and we have two spirited kids so I know exactly what it takes to keep the love and passion alive!

I am best known for my authentic and direct style, combining the most current trends in the counseling and coaching community with my own wisdom and perspective.

You CAN be the absolute best version of YOU and reach your fullest potential.”

Hot. Healthy. Happy


“Hilary’s style of therapy is honest and open. She knows when to push you to help you break through your personal barriers and provides the environment where you feel comfortable doing so. Not only does she help you work through your challenges but she also celebrates your triumphs and reminds you to honor yourself for them too. Since I’ve been seeing Hilary I’ve had so much personal growth, more than with any other therapist I have ever seen. The changes that I’ve seen in myself are a direct result of the time that I’ve spent with Hilary.”

– Brianne

My Story

relationship counseling

Not a happy time for me. Felt lonely, sad and disconnected. Decide I am on my own so I have to figure things out by myself. Think something is wrong me with me and I’m not lovable.

relationship counseling

After nearly failing out of college my freshman year, feeling lost, confused and depressed I transfer to the University of Kansas to finish my degree. Happier but still struggle to feel worthy of and maintain romantic relationships. Realize something isn’t right inside, start reading self-help books, take a groundbreaking class on relationships – become a group facilitator and run my first relationship group.

relationship counseling

Anthropology degree in hand and not ready to be a grown up, I bought a one-way ticket to Italy and return 7 months later from Indonesia. 10 countries visited in all. Learned I can do anything I want to do! Teach English in Japan for a year and travel in southeast Asia.

relationship counseling

Ready to settle down, earn a paycheck, know the mailman’s name and put my clothes in a dresser I chose Denver for the lifestyle. Worked two jobs knowing they were a temporary means to an ultimate end in a career as a therapist. Started working with a therapist to understand myself more and to gain awareness about my patterns. Meet my future husband playing Ultimate frisbee.

Begin graduate school at 28 for my Master’s in Social Work with every intention of landing in private practice. Paid the mortgage with my student loans.

relationship counseling

Graduate with MSW, earn license after 2 years of supervised clinical work and dive in deep to post graduate clinical training in everything related to relationships, trauma, anxiety and more. Marry my love and get pregnant with our son. Struggle with the bumpy transition into parenthood. Trying to balance it all, navigate changing roles and new identities. It’s just a bit overwhelming but try to focus on joy.

relationship counseling

Life is good. I’m exactly where I want to be – the relationship, starting a family, enjoying a fruitful and rewarding practice that helps people love themselves better. Discover my style as a therapist is unique. Being truly authentic and down to earth as well as opinionated and direct is apparently rare. Clients come back time and again citing I ‘get them’ and know I care. I’m blessed.

What else could a girl want? Another child! Which didn’t come so easily this time. Finally at 38 our daughter is born. Parenting two kids, maintaining a marriage and running a business is tough. Prioritize and do my best to live in my values and be the person I can be proud of. Run two ½ marathons, in the best shape of my life because I finally learn to take good care.

relationship counseling

Hell yes! Being 40 is the best. I truly believe getting older is a gift. We settle into loving and accepting our bodies and ourselves- and of recognizing and taking opportunities to grow spiritually and emotionally. Life is wonderfully full of hardship and joy but when you believe in your self and have a deep trust in your self you know that you can handle anything that comes your way. Learning lessons from the unexpected and from our struggles is how we become our best selves. What is next? Bring it!

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relationship counselingAshleigh believes that our personal struggles become the greatest source of growth and character development. A child of divorce and a lot of moving, she learned very early, the importance of creating meaningful relationships.

Doing her own deep work as well as receiving world class therapist education and training has allowed Ashleigh to turn her hardships into learning opportunities both for herself and for her clients. After experiencing what seemed like endless dating and the pain of being the last one of her friends to marry, difficulty having a baby and a proclivity towards people- pleasing, Ashleigh is now the happy and fulfilled momma of a daughter and a son.

Ashleigh’s strengths and expertise as a therapist providing relationship counseling, are her ability to put people at ease, enjoy the process no matter how challenging and to understand the core issues very quickly. She is wildly empathetic, funny and wise with a wealth of knowledge in the areas of professional development, interpersonal communication and effectiveness and marital and family therapy.

Ashleigh relies on her background in family and couples training, as well as adult attachment theories and leadership coaching to help her clients achieve their goals through counseling. While Ashleigh holds her Masters in Social Work she continues to stay current on best practices in the industry.

I trust her completely and know you are in excellent care with her as your therapist.

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Hilary Silver, LCSW

Hilary Silver, LCSW

Relationship & Intimacy Expert. Master Coach

Ashleigh Rankin, LCSW

Ashleigh Rankin, LCSW

Relationship & Intimacy Counselor & Coach