Hilary Silver is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the realm of personal development and relationships, holding an MSW and LCSW, credentials that underscore her profound understanding and expertise in social work and clinical practices. Hilary embarked on her professional journey with a private practice established in 2002, where she dedicated fifteen years to transforming the lives of countless individuals. In 2017, she made a pivotal shift in her career path, closing her successful private practice to launch “Ready for Love,” a venture that has since evolved into a 10-figure women’s empowerment company renowned for its impact on both personal growth and long-lasting relationships.

Hilary’s insights and methodologies have not only resonated with a broad audience but have also garnered significant attention from top media outlets. Her expertise has been sought after and quoted in numerous online news magazines, cementing her status as a leading voice in her field. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Hilary’s adventurous spirit led her to travel extensively across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia at the age of 22, a solo journey that speaks volumes about her courage and quest for growth. This adventurous streak continued as she taught English in Japan for a year at 25, further enriching her global perspective and empathy, traits that deeply inform her revolutionary approach today.

Following these transformative experiences abroad, Hilary pursued further academic and professional excellence by attending graduate school at 27. By 29, she had obtained her master’s degree, followed by extensive post-graduate clinical work, training, and certifications that further honed her skills and knowledge.

On a personal note, Hilary met her husband Brendon in 2000, and the couple married in 2006. They are proud parents to Ben, born in 2007, and Elly, born in 2010. Hilary’s ability to balance her thriving career with her family life offers a genuine example of her coaching philosophy in action.

Throughout her career, Hilary has worked with an elite clientele, including executives, doctors, attorneys, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, real estate brokers, and high-profile women and celebrities, demonstrating her versatility and the universal applicability of her coaching techniques.

Looking ahead, Hilary is set to release a book in early 2026, anticipated to encapsulate her revolutionary approaches to love, self-improvement, and empowerment.





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