Nurse Stops Blaming Everyone Else for Not Having Love and Finds It!

Courtney was going back to boyfriends from the past and burnt out from being in and out of relationships. She thought if love happens that’s fine, but was really frustrated and thought it was everyone else’s fault but her own. Courtney couldn’t understand why as an active, successful nurse with great friends she was still missing the one thing she wanted most.

Courtney began the Get The Love You Want Program closed off and guarded and thought her main issue with finding love was because her husband passed away years ago. With Hilary’s guidance she was able to go further and discover that it was really the fear of rejection that was holding her back.

Courtney was feeling sorry for herself that no one was interested in her, but through the program realized that by trying to protect herself she was coming across as totally guarded and untouchable and was not showing up in real life or online dating.

Courtney learned to rewrite her narrative and remove the shame and embarrassment that situations from her teenage years had caused and to embrace and love herself! She turned her negatives into positives and now knows and believes she is worthy, beautiful and creative.

Before the program Courtney would have settled for someone that had only some of the qualities she was looking for, but she learned to keep it moving if that was the case and that lesson led her to Jim!

Our Dating Expert helped Courtney write her online profile and she met Jim on Match. He saw her picture and read her profile and thought “Wow, I really want to know this girl!” Jim is everything Courtney was looking for – smart, funny, financially secure, great dad, sexy and great communicator.

Through the Get The Love You Want Program, Courtney learned to love and be herself while being vulnerable in her relationship and not tied to the outcome!

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