Episode 07

Why We Should All Quit Being Selfless
(and how this benefits everyone)

Let's explore how embracing a more self-centered approach can lead to healthier relationships and a happier, more authentic life.
41 min.
Episode 06
Join me as I dive into the world of emotional eating, where I share both my personal journey and family history with food along with my professional insights.
36 min.
Episode 05
We’ve been receiving so many insightful and thought-provoking questions from you all, and it’s time we dive into them.
27 min.
Episode 04
Join us as we uncover the root causes of anxiety and learn practical strategies to eliminate it permanently.
23 min.
Episode 03
Why I (a therapist) think therapy is a waste of time and you should definitely cut it out
39 min.
Episode 02
Watching the new JLo documentary... about her video documentary about her life, music and loves
21 min.
Episode 01
Discussing why narcissism is everywhere right now (and why it doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think)
24 min.
Episode 00
Get ready to change a few things... primarily, the way you think about self.
2 min.


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