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Hilary’s 5 Simple Shifts webinar really resonated with Carol. She thought that’s me! Everything else in her life was great except for the lov
  Laure came to us separated and leaving her marriage of 28 years. She was stuck and not sure if it was possible to make all of the changes
  Janelle came to us heartbroken and lost. She was recently divorced from her unfaithful husband and at the lowest point of her life. Janell
Are relationships confusing for you or don’t come naturally for you? Are you struggling with confidence in your dating life? Today I share

I have attached a photo of me standing on the beach in Naples, Florida that was taken a few weeks ago. I am moving to Florida next weekend to find a job and to pursue my lifelong dream of living there!

With the help of your program I have had the courage and confidence to step out of my comfort zone. I have been making changes to create the life that I always wished for but never was bold enough to try. Thank you so much for your program and for your encouragement!

I have not found love yet but I am confident that I will! I know what I am looking for and I just have not found him yet.


I feel like I’ve actually found a ‘keeper’! . We met on Match in early November (I can’t say I was really enjoying the online thing at all ). We had our first date on 11/20. My guy-dar was up; looking for any red flags. I was focused on presenting my authentic self (take me as I am or not) and ensuring he was meeting my must-haves as we dated, initially only saw each other once a week then increased it a bit more around Christmas. Well it’s been almost 4 months since that first date and things are so incredible. He communicates really well, he’s very thoughtful, chemistry is great, we have so much fun together. We took a trip to Austin and got snowed in in NJ on the way back. We’ve gone hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, fat biking as well as just hanging out. We are reading a book together. Going to a concert this weekend. We don’t have to be together to feel connected. He also has 3 teenage kids. He’s kind to his ex-wife. Feeling fortunate. And I really do attribute my success to your program. I learned a lot about myself, how to change my ways and how not to settle. I definitely kissed a few frogs on the journey but I recognized the red flags sooo much sooner, saw the men so much more clearly.



I cannot recommend this amazing woman enough! Hilary, I am filled with gratitude with every fiber of my being that I found you and worked with you over the course of this year. You showed me how to heal my heart, stop acting out on behavior that didn’t serve me and how to listen to my intuition. Through this work on myself, it effected how I was showing up in my marriage and I was able to make the shifts and adjustments to have not just a really exciting life but a super hot marriage.

If you are reading this review, know that you totally deserve support and this is the woman to assist you. She helped me unpack and really address emotional eating, resentments, self sabotage and self love. I adore this woman and her work. Invest in yourself and work with Hilary to get clear on what is stopping you from achieving your desires. I am so thrilled I did.

– STEPHANIE BRYANT,  Network Marketing Professional


I have been married over ten years before we decided to grow our family and BOY did it change. Many good things, but there were a lot of unexpected bumps along the way and this course hit on them all!

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have a course on keeping love alive after kids arrive, from someone who truly understands it firsthand.The many tools are extremely helpful for opening up communication and making sure you both are on the same page. I also really liked that Hilary wasn’t afraid to touch on all aspects, including the sex module. Very important part and nothing was missed!

If you are planning on having kids, or already have them…then this course is so important to keeping your love alive. ?

– JESSICA COONS, The Digital Assistant


The Hot Healthy & Happily Ever After program, is honestly a complete game changer for my relationship with my husband! Hilary is passionate and brilliant at what she does, and also extremely relatable. She walks you through the steps and breaks down what it takes to be in a healthy relationship – to show up and feel heard. I am beyond grateful to have found Hilary and all she has to offer. H3 has taught me to look at my relationship in a new way, in that it takes work to make it strong and healthy. In much the same way you need to take care of yourself, through diet and exercise, to be able to thrive; you also need to take care of your relationship through communication, connection and the other ways Hilary teaches in H3 – she digs deep and delivers all you need to know to have a thriving relationship.



Hilary is an absolute gem! She is a straight shooter and knows her stuff! I have done private sessions with her and her women’s group; both were great experiences. Hilary helped me when I was on the brink of serious relationship disaster and helped me work through some heavy issues and get a new viewpoint on many aspects of my marriage. Working with her is an honor and I’d do it again (but hopefully I won’t have to for serious stuff)! Thank for everything you do and the contribution you are to the world!



What sets Hilary apart as a relationship expert is her credibility, her passion, and her laser sharp insights into the issues and challenges facing men and women today. This is someone who’s been in private practice for over a decade and talks to men and women every day about the obstacles, blocks, and barriers to keeping love alive for the long term. She helps couples and individuals feel, deal, and heal their way to their unique version of Hot, Healthy, Happily Ever After. This work is both powerful and priceless and Hilary’s got the heart and hustle to support you every step of the way!

– LISA STEADMAN, relationship expert & serial entrepreneur


Before going through Hilary’s Hot, Healthy and Happily Ever After course, my husband and I struggled with communication. We have a great marriage and are both 100% committed, but baggage from previous relationships, and the challenge of blending families, often brings up tough issues. After going through the course, we have simple, actionable communication tools to help us through those difficult conversations. I’m also figuring out who I am and what I really desire from my relationship for the first time ever! Working with Hilary has been a life changing experience for me personally, and my relationship has never been better.



Towards the end of Hilary Silver’s program I met an amazing man. We’ve been together for 11 months and counting ❤️ We got into an argument this past weekend. Before, I would have panicked and went straight to fight mode. But because of Hilary’s program, I now have self respect, I’m able to pause, then articulate my needs and talk things through. All is good (great even) with Joe and I, weathering the bumps with love and respect. Thank you Hilary and this was in my FB feed today, reinforcing what you taught me ❤️



I have found the love of my life, it is me!  When I first talked to you, I was in a pretty low point in my life.  I had everything that a successful woman could want, a great career, a beautiful new home, a loving daughter.  What I didn’t have was a relationship with myself.  At that time, I was floundering around, often in tears because I was so lonely and depressed.  Through the work that I did in your program, I learned that I am awesome, warts and all!  I had been spending my life shape shifting, trying to be perfect for all people.  I had no confidence in myself.  I now know that all of those imperfect qualities and my history makes me be me.

While I do not have a man in my life, it’s totally ok because I have me.  I am open to a relationship, but it has to be on my terms.  Thank you very much for teaching me that I am enough.  Hell, I was born enough!



Working with Hilary has been like a breath of fresh air! Not only do I feel fully understood, she has given the tools to help me finally recognise my own patterns and triggers in the moment (which is HUGE). This new awareness has allowed me to connect with my truth and feel braver in sharing it with my partner while being open to his experience. For the first time ever, I feel freed from the unconscious cycle of miscommunication and unrealistic expectations I’d helped create in my relationship. Thank you!!



Hilary…I have to tell you something. I met an amazing man! Someone I never, ever thought I would meet. We are in love. I haven’t felt this way for decades. He is absolutely amazing. He is taking me to Hawaii in 3 weeks to meet his son. Thank you, thank you thank you. I never thought I deserved this, now I do. He just showed up!!!



There are not enough words to describe how much Hilary Silver program has helped me.

My self-confidence, self-respect and happiness are at their peak. People who have known me my whole life are saying “ Happy Looks Good On You!” I can’t argue with that, but I also believe happiness looks good on everyone. Just be willing to do the work and dig deep within. This will allow you to recognize your flaws, repair the hurt and the scabbed over wounds. I have no doubt I am a better person because of Hilary.



Working with Hilary has been a wonderful discovery experience, one that has given me back my sense of worth and self-love. I’m now open to receive as I’m always willing to give. I know all is well.


My big love to courageous Janelle Jacobs for sharing her major transformation with you all. She shared this with our Get The Love You Want group as she is graduating from the program… and agreed to let me share this here to inspire anyone else who is ready to START REALLY LIVING AND LOVING!!

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