Sr. Litigation Asst Finds The One After 40 Year Marriage

Joanne came to us after ending an 18-month relationship that she knew wasn’t right for her and needed to end. Before this, Joanne was married for 40 years! In both relationships she made excuses, put up with things she didn’t agree with and changed her expectations to make it work.

During an exercise in the Get The Love You Want program, Joanne made a list of what she wanted and didn’t want and noticed her previous boyfriend was so much like ex-husband. She realized he was her rebound and there to help her get through a tough time.

Joanne also identified she was a people pleaser and through Hilary’s program learned how to start pleasing herself instead of others! She realized it wasn’t her job to make someone the right person and to listen to her gut. She no longer kept going out on dates just because she felt bad or to see where it went when deep down she knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

This new pattern of behavior led her to the love of her life, Robert. She showed up completely different when they started dating by letting him be the man, make the first move, plan the first date, waited for him to text first and truly embraced leaning back. Joanne wanted to feel like a teenager again and from watching her light up when she speaks you can see this has happened 🙂

With Hilary’s guidance, she was able to develop a different outlook in relationships through completing the nitty gritty and at times difficult work to figure out who she was so she could then determine what she wanted. And with these new tools in hand she learned to trust her intuition and finally stop settling for relationships she wasn’t satisfied with to find true love and fulfillment.

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