Successful Professional Owns Her Worth

Hilary’s 5 Simple Shifts webinar really resonated with Carol. She thought that’s me! Everything else in her life was great except for the love department.

Before, Carol was attracting guys who pursued her, but she wasn’t that interested in and when she was interested in someone she thought was great she would screw it up. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong to make the the good guys disappear.

Carol identified why this was happening through the attachment styles exercise. With the guys she wasn’t that interested in she would show up as her secure, confident self, but when a guy she felt was at her level she would shift to being avoidant and anxious thinking she wasn’t good enough for him.

Because of the Get The Love You Want Program, Carol was able to call BS on those thoughts and behaviors and realize I am enough! And guess what? It worked!

Carol became so happy with who she is, she exuded this confidence and self-assurance everywhere she went that one day Jack (or Mr. Gucci Bag of Chips as Carol refers to him) approached her and said she was so full of life, he just had to get to know her!

This didn’t happen overnight. Carol tried online dating and had to be patient. There were plenty of “good” guys she dated, but they did not fit all of the qualities that a Mr. Gucci Bag of Chips should possess and she waited because she KNEW she was worth it and did not want to settle.

Carol also took a break to spend some time on her and revisited the program course materials. She was having fun and everything started clicking and that’s when Jack showed up! Now Carol is showing up in this relationship as her true self and not wondering if she will be enough for him because she is enough for herself.

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