How Taking Radical Responsibility Led To Marriage

Jamie came to us facing issues in her relationship. She knew her partner was an amazing man and they had something incredible together, but she constantly felt like he wasn’t committed. Jamie was scared he wasn’t going to give her the type of level of commitment she was looking for and was triggered constantly causing massive fights and confusion.

In reality, Jamie was afraid of losing him and felt if he can’t commit there must be something really really wrong with me. She felt that there was no way he could love me exactly as I am.

Every time he didn’t act a certain way she would feel bad about herself and was constantly asking and questioning “am I enough?” This caused her to sabotage the relationship by pushing him away and saying if you loved me you would do this.

Ultimately, Jamie realized it was her that needed changing and joined the Get The Love You Want program.

This is where Jame was able to complete the separate work she needed with her self-worth and realized she is responsible for herself and her actions. She stepped up and took a look in the mirror and stopped letting the fear and feelings of not being enough get in the way of who she is!

Since then Jamie’s confidence level has dramatically changed and she is happy with who she is which made him be even more in love with her. Oh and also her boyfriend is now her husband! She finally has the committed relationship she was yearning for filled with great intimacy, depth and connection

Not only did Hilary’s program help Jamie find love it helped her professionally. When she began this journey she had just lost her entire life savings with a failed business venture, but recently started a new business and was profitable in the first month!

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