Why Can SHE Have Love But Not Me? Bethany’s Story Of Love

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, why can she have love but not me, it’s ok. It doesn’t feel good to have thoughts like that but it’s normal when there is something you want in your life and it continues to elude you. Everywhere you look, it seems like everyone has what you want and it only makes you long and ache for it even more.

In this video, Bethany shares her story of how she went from guarded and lonely to having an epic loving relationship with an incredible man. She wanted love more than anything and was at a point where she was deeply lonely and aching for closeness, connection, and intimacy but at the same time, was blocking it from happening. She didn’t realize just how afraid she was to let someone into her world and so made herself totally invulnerable and her behavior was guarded and off-putting.

Once she learned

how SHE was preventing love from happening,

how HER mindset, thoughts, beliefs, and fears were creating her behaviors and

how to SHOW UP in a relationship so it can be successful


she found him within a couple weeks. And now she is experiencing the affection, connection and joy that comes with knowing SHE IS ENOUGH, that an amazing man SEES HER, VALUES HER AND ADORES HER!

Enough talk… let’s listen to Bethany tell her story!

These results are entirely possible for you. If you are READY and COMMITTED to doing something different than you’ve been doing and FINALLY breaking through your obstacles to love, book a FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION WITH US!

I’m Ready For Love Too! 

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