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Hot. Healthy. Happy for Women – Having it ALL begins with YOU!

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Hot. Healthy. Happy.

A Self-Love and Empowerment Women’s Coaching Group

Have you been feeling:

  • Disappointed or unfulfilled in your love life?
  • Ashamed, frustrated or unmotivated with your health or body?
  • Afraid to speak up and advocate for your needs or wants?
  • Unimportant to or resentful towards family or friends?
  • Lack of control in how things are going in your life?
  • Unable to trust yourself to make decisions?
  • Frustrated or confused that your professional life and personal life are so vastly different?

Aren’t you tired of doubting yourself and being mean to yourself?
Aren’t you ready to feel confident, empowered and totally capable?

You CAN have rock solid self-confidence and trust in yourself
You CAN have deep lasting self-love even when you aren’t ‘perfect”
You CAN have real authentic connections in your life
You CAN have a loving & passionate relationship
You CAN have fulfilling friendships and career



It ALL begins with YOU!

 Hot. Healthy. Happy for women
Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or you’ve been married for years, the skills and insights I’m teaching will show you exactly how to take yourself from stuck, stifled, frustrated, and confused to living and loving YOUR version of Hot, Healthy and Happy

In just 7 weeks, you can and will shift from struggling and stuck to hot and healthy!

The truth is, the journey to genuine self-love and confidence is a rocky, winding road with ups and downs. So many women often never arrive and spend a lifetime living with self-loathing, recrimination and self-doubt.

So how do you build a healthy, happy relationship with yourself – and maintain it for life?

You do it with expert mentorship and guidance, powerful belief and behavior shifts, and a clearer vision of what you want your life to look and feel like. And you do it in community with other like-minded supportive women who are on the same journey as you!

Get ready for a radical shift in your life with this

7 week Self-Love And Empowerment Women’s Group Coaching Experience

“Working with Hilary has been like a breath of fresh air! Not only do I feel fully understood, she has given the tools to help me finally recognise my own patterns and triggers in the moment (which is HUGE). This new awareness has allowed me to connect with my truth and feel braver in sharing it with my partner while being open to his experience. For the first time ever, I feel freed from the unconscious cycle of miscommunication and unrealistic expectations I’d helped create in my relationship. Thank you!!” – ANJANETTE FENNEL, LITERARY COACH & AGENT

“Hilary is an absolute gem! She is a straight shooter and knows her stuff! I have done private sessions with her and her women’s group; both were great experiences. Hilary helped me when I was on the brink of serious relationship disaster and helped me work through some heavy issues and get a new viewpoint on many aspects of my marriage. Working with her is an honor and I’d do it again (but hopefully I won’t have to for serious stuff)! Thank for everything you do and the contribution you are to the world!” – NICOLE SUGIHARA

I created this 7 week Self- Love And Empowerment Group Program for women who are ready to stop struggling in life and in relationships and START cultivating their own sense of Hot, Healthy, Happy!

In this class, you will be led on a deep dive through your murky internal world so we can get real and get clear about what is holding you back. You will shift and transform how you understand yourself and the relationship you have with yourself, your body and your worth as a woman and you will be given clear, concrete tools and behavioral changes so you can practice being this new confident and sexy you in your life.

You will learn how to love yourself from the inside out, how to make peace with your past, slay your fears, see yourself in a whole new way and set firm boundaries with people in your life without damaging your relationships.

You CAN have everything you want in this life-and it all begins with you…

“The Hot Healthy & Happily Ever After program, is honestly a complete game changer for my relationship with my husband! Hilary is passionate and brilliant at what she does, and also extremely relatable. She walks you through the steps and breaks down what it takes to be in a healthy relationship – to show up and feel heard. I am beyond grateful to have found Hilary and all she has to offer. H3 has taught me to look at my relationship in a new way, in that it takes work to make it strong and healthy. In much the same way you need to take care of yourself, through diet and exercise, to be able to thrive; you also need to take care of your relationship through communication, connection and the other ways Hilary teaches in H3 – she digs deep and delivers all you need to know to have a thriving relationship.” – KELLY LIUZZA

“I cannot recommend this amazing woman enough! Hilary, I am filled with gratitude with every fiber of my being that I found you and worked with you over the course of this year. You showed me how to heal my heart, stop acting out on behavior that didn’t serve me and how to listen to my intuition. Through this work on myself, it effected how I was showing up in my marriage and I was able to make the shifts and adjustments to have not just a really exciting life but a super hot marriage.

“If you are reading this review, know that you totally deserve support and this is the woman to assist you. She helped me unpack and really address emotional eating, resentments, self sabotage and self love. I adore this woman and her work. Invest in yourself and work with Hilary to get clear on what is stopping you from achieving your desires. I am so thrilled I did.” – STEPHANIE BRYANT

Stephanie Bryant

Emily Garcia

“I have struggled with censoring myself, keeping my thoughts silent if I was afraid that my thoughts would hurt someone else’s feelings, and the misconception of people pleasing because I thought that would make people like me more and trust me more if I just went with the flow and was easy going. The first week of the program made such an impact on me – learning the importance of sharing the gift of you and not dimming your light – and more importantly, what happens when you don’t share yourself and when you do dim yourself.

“Each week of the program, I’ve learned what it means to speak my truth, have an awareness of my core beliefs, and have the confidence to have the damn party already, instead of worrying about who will come, is my house big enough, what food to serve, and so on!

“I am learning to be my own best friend, advocate and confidant so that I can communicate effectively, confidently, and making my feelings known so that I won’t be misunderstood, disappointed, feel guilty, or have regrets” – EMILY GARCIA

Hot. Healthy. Happy
Your options… COMING IN Fall 2017




Learn how to look, feel and BE, HOT. HEALTHY. & HAPPY anytime, with this do it at your own pace, from your own home course exclusively for women!

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