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Marriage & Committed Relationship Coaching


Clients come to us saying:

  • We love each other but we don’t feel “in-love.”
  • We keep having the same destructive fights over and over.
  • My partner spends more time and attention on the business.
  • We want to make it work but we can’t communicate.
  • We aren’t on the same page and feel disconnected.
  • Is this as good as it gets?
  • I’m not sure I want to stay in this relationship

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Work With Us Together As A Couple Or On Your Own

Communication & Conflict

Couples fall into unhealthy communication patterns that end up leaving them in a perpetual state of conflict- whether it is name-calling, defensiveness and raised voices… or silent treatment, eggshell walking and avoiding.
We help you identify your destructive patterns, understand the underlying issues that cause so much hurt and teach you new skills to communicate more effectively (that includes listening too)!

Sex & Intimacy

A great connection in the bedroom starts with a great connection outside the bedroom!
Hilary Silver

Clients come to us with issues like low sexual desire, arguments about (in)frequency, one partner initiating more than the other, boredom and an overall lack of passion.We help you understand how what goes on in their relationship outside of the bedroom is affecting their sex life– the amount and quality of sex they have and the desire to have sex.

One Foot In, One Foot Out

You love your partner but aren’t sure you are “In Love” anymore and have been sitting on the fence for a long time. You stay out of loyalty but also fear of the unknown. You think the grass might be greener somewhere else but wonder fear you may never find love again.
We help people get clarity about their situation, do the work necessary to feel certain about making the decision that is best for them and then support them in whichever choice they make so it feels good to be “all in” or to “get out.”

Special Challenges For Entrepreneur/Business Owner Couples

Sometimes one partner has a business and sometimes couples are in business together. Both of these situations have unique problems that cause confusion, disconnect and pain. There are many pieces involved in this work but creating clarity and boundaries around roles and rules are a beginning. We guide the process so no matter how disconnected or divided, you can find your way back to each other and enjoy a loving, supportive relationship while you watch the business thrive.

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Work with Ashleigh on your own for individual marriage & relationship coaching or with your partner for couples coaching to:

  • identify and change unhealthy patterns
  • communicate more effectively to get needs met
  • feel supported and connected by one another
  • experience intimacy and closeness in and out of the bedroom
  • manage work-related related challenges that heighten troublesome dynamics
  • learn tools and strategies for getting through difficult times together
  • decide whether to stay or go

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quoteBefore working with Ashleigh, I had a lot of stress and anxiety about relationships with my family and significant others. I cannot even begin to describe all the ways. Ashleigh has been there with me through love, heartbreak, and now is teaching me great skills about dating.

I look forward to my time with Ashleigh. She has changed not only my life but the others I have referred to her. Ashleigh is a common name in my house and friend group because I feel like both myself and my roommates share things that we learned from her, and also ask each other constantly WWAS (What would Ashleigh Say). She has been a blessing in so many ways and truly in every one of my relationships.
  ~ Kacey

quoteMy boyfriend and I came to see Ashleigh because we wanted to take the next step but weren’t sure if we were prepared and ready. We are now able to communicate better, resolve our issues more easily, and are able to come to these resolutions much quicker than before working with Ashleigh. We also had trust issues that stemmed from when we were younger. Ashleigh helped us work through these together and now we are engaged.

  ~ JS

quoteMy boyfriend and I were talking about getting married but had some trust issues that were keeping us from taking that next step. Ashleigh help me get over that mistrust hump and to truly let go of my own trust issues. We are engaged and Ashleigh is amazing!

  ~ Sam & Joe

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